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We're The "How Do I" People

Our members depend on us to help them answer the age-old question -- how do I? How do I start exercising? How do I get in shape? How do I start eating healthy?

Our proprietary HDI™ platform cross-references data learned from activity, sleep, hydration and food with 250,000 scientific papers and clinical studies to create an optimized plan for the individual. Combined with our line of wearable devices and the ability to purchase fully traceable, personalized dietary supplements and functional foods directly through the app, we offer the first and only closed loop system for personalized nutrition.

Smash Your Comfort Zone

We wanted to styr things up and change the way people manage the four pillars of health: fitness, nutrition, sleep and stress. Our approach to marrying wearable devices, digital intervention and customized supplements & functional foods is changing lives every day. And we're just getting started.


Sergio Radovcic
Founder & CEO
3 x Badwater 135 Ultramarathoner, 10 x Ironman
Ultraman, 10 x 100 Mile Ultramarathoner
Athlinks  LinkedIn

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CORE: The Power of U

Complete system of wearable devices, digital tools and customized supplements designed for the weekend warrior. Vitamins, proteins and electrolytes rooted in science & created using your own motion and biometric data.

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LIFE: Employee Engagement @ Scale

Foster healthy behaviors by engaging, coaching and rewarding your population using free wearable devices and digital tools designed to gamify and amaze. Reduce BMI, improve stress and create new social bonds with full privacy and peace-of-mind.

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PRO: Outcomes2

Develop one-on-one relationship with your clients beyond the hours spent in the gym. Review progress, deliver advice and sync up on a whole new level, whether you're working with 1 or 1,000 clients.


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