Your Body, Your Lab™

Our platform leverages your motion, biometric, diet and lifestyle data to create science-based nutritional recommendations, generate insights and help us produce customized nutritional products built by you for you.

Connected Devices

Get one of our Starter Kits, containing everything you need to make customized multivitamins, proteins or electrolytes. They contain our own Bluetooth™ devices, capable of instantly supplying your individual motion and body composition data to our app. Or connect your own device or apps, such as FitBit, Jawbone or Strava.

Patent-Pending App

Oue patent-pending app (US Patent # 20160042660) collects your motion patterns, behavioral inputs, environmental data, location information and nutritional preferences. It uses our patent-pending technology to cross-reference your lifestyle and activity traits with our exclusive database of more than 250,000 scientific studies to generate personalized nutritional recommendations.

Customized Supplements

We will deliver your customized multivitamin, protein or electrolyte blends directly to your home. Experience our natural, GMO, gluten, sugar and dairy-free mixes, expertly crafted based on your own unique needs. Use our app to easily setup convenient recurring delivery, always updated with your latest data.

Complete Ecosystem

End-to-end platform for activity, nutrition and biometric tracking, working continuously to convert your trove of data into meaningful insights.

Quantify Your Nutrition

We make our own line of smart devices, designed to effortlessly capture your day and transform your life into customized nutritional products.

Activity Band

Four-week battery life to capture your steps, movement, distance, calories and more. Touchscreen UI for immediate feedback. Super comfortable band for daily use. Wrist or belt clip attachment for versatility.

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Smart Bottle

Continuous tracking of fluids consumed. Stainless steel bottle for keeping drinks hot or cold. Dishwasher-safe for fast cleaning. Integrated screen for instant feedback. Vibration reminders to drink more water.

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Wireless Scale

All glass construction for easy maintenance. Instant measurement of weight, muscle mass, bone density, visceral fat and water content. Embedded LED display for immediate feedback.

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