Core App


One app to track your motion, sleep, nutrition and hydration. Designed to engage, coach and nourish.

Patent-pending technology that captures your daily food and activity and converts it into insights, recommendations and nutritional products.

Our app leverages your motion, biometric, diet and lifestyle data to create science-based nutritional recommendations, generate insights and help us produce customized nutritional products built by you for you.

Sync + Track

Connect our devices or many others using Google Fit or Apple Health to effortlessly sync your motion, distance, calories and more with our app.

Challenge + Inspire.

Participate in challenges and earn achievements along the way. Develop healthy habits by joining in creative quests designed to inspire and reward.

Build + Nourish

Build your own "secret sauce" by mashing up your biometric, motion and lifestyle data to create customized supplements and functional foods as unique as you.

Improve + Teach

Access our exclusive coaching materials, starting with our Cheat Diet System developed by Jackie Wicks and get yourself on the path to sustainable weight.