Electrolyte Packs

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We all get dehydrated. Some conquer it.

Finding the perfect balance of fluid intake and electrolyte replenshiment is not easy feat. We've made it effortless.

Our single-serve electrolyte packs make it easy to restore your electrolyte balance by following simple instructions provided by our app. And they taste great to boot. Delivered in our unique, easy-open, single-serve packs. Optimized for fast replenishment with only real ingredients. Managed by our app for pre-event planning or post-event recovery.

  • Our Algorithm
    • Adjusts for your location and motion.
    • Reacts to changes in your environment.
    • Tracks your water content changes.
  • Supplement Facts

Customized Insights


Our patent-pending technology combines your base body needs with motion, environmental and activity data to calculate precise water and electrolyte goals.