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Designed to capture more than just your body weight, our all-glass wireless scales transmits your muscle mass, bone density, visceral fat, water content and more to our patent-pending app for analysis and personalized insights.

Wireless scale is beautifully designed...
The data drawn from the devices are cross referenced with a database that includes more than 250,000 scientific studies to create nutritional recommendations that are specifically tailored for you.

Our proprietary Wireless Scale effortlessly tracks your body composition, delivering important measurements such as your muscle mass or water content to our app. Combined with other inputs and environmental data it allows us to generate unique member profiles used to generate customized nutritional recommendations and ultimately targeted nutritional products.

Bluetooth™ LE Connectivity

Syncs with our free app on iOS and Android.

All Glass Construction

Comfortable and easy to maintain.

Intelligent Sensors

Reads body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat, bone density and water content.

Our patent-pending technology converts your body measurements, such as your visceral fat levels or water content, into actionable insights and nutritional recommendations. By combining science with data, our nutritional products help you achieve your goals and monitor the progress along the way.

Science-Based Algorithm

More than 250,000 scientific studies and publications formed a base for our algorithm.

Gamified Nutrition

Dig deep into nutritional details or simply enjoy the personalization.

Good Citizen

Connect to HealthKit or Google Fit, sync with FitBit, Strava and many others.

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